Lower Costs

An independent publisher acquired a magazine from a larger company – but continued to rely on the previous owner for production, manufacturing, and paper purchasing. The publisher was even incurring overhead fees for those services.  Our solution:  The new owner outsourced services to Publishing Experts - and costs shrank by 40% each month.

Sharper Analysis

After we analyzed manufacturing costs for a regional publisher of eight titles, it became clear they weren’t taking advantage of technology that would allow more efficient and cost-effective printing. Our solution:  We developed a bid packet on their behalf, and sent it to three prospective printers. Result:  A new print contract that reduced annual costs by $1,000,000.

Smarter Technology

A small publisher wanted to save money without compromising on quality.  Our solution:  Smarter technology.  We reviewed the prepress operations and costs, bringing those services in-house for about 70% less than the publisher was paying vendors.

“Access to greater expertise than we would otherwise be able to afford”


Stronger Negotiating

Why were invoices rising from issue to issue even though book size and print quantity hadn’t changed significantly?  That was the question for this publisher, who asked Publishing Experts to vet invoices.  We spotted incorrect paper charges immediately.  Our solution:  Negotiations with the printer that resulted in a credit of approximately 15% of paper costs for our client – who then hired us to vet all invoices.

Solution: Extensive Knowledge of New Technologies


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“In our business's changing landscape, Publishing Experts has frequently provided significant value to our business.  They balance the need for traditional production support with extensive knowledge of new technologies.  They help clients plan strategically.  And their business model lets media companies take advantage of their breadth of expertise without the costs associated with full-time staff.  Janet and her associates are true experts.”

- Kit Taylor, New York Magazine

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